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Our knowledge, experience and in-depth insight into all aspects of construction and engineering issues is, we believe, of significant importance to your project and its success in relation to value, cost, time, conflict avoidance and resolution. Nowhere is that of greater importance than in the current economic climate.

We provide an extensive range of professional solutions, as set out below, to assist you achieve that success, reduce your risk and maximise your profit:

contract solutions

The contract is the most important document in any construction project as it sets out the obligations and liabilities of the parties. We can provide clear and practical contract advice to assist you in understanding your obligations and liabilities and, just as importantly, those of the other party. From this, we can identify risks and opportunities allowing you to more efficiently and effectively manage your project to the benefit of the bottom line.

If we are engaged before you enter into a contract, we can provide a cost effective contract vetting service whereby we check its terms and highlight those which are onerous or high risk. Remember, you may be bound by a contract even if you have not signed it.

Finally, if you are engaging others, we provide a contract drafting service either from first principles or by way of amendments to a standard form of contract to address and properly allocate risks which are unique to you and/or the project.

On many occasions we have encountered ‘standard’ contract amendments which seek only to allocate all the risk to the other party regardless of whether that is beneficial to the project.

This will create contracts which are unfair, anti-collaborative and promote disputes.

Our practical experience allows us to avoid drafting such terms by quickly identifying and properly allocating the key risks by way of clear and sensible terms or amendments…read less.

dispute solutions

We actively practice dispute avoidance. We fervently believe that disputes, and the costs associated with them, should and can be avoided and will always seek to do so in any advice…read more.

problem solutions

We are able to support your business or project through the most difficult contractual impasse, claim, claim response or pre-dispute position…read more.

commercial solutions

A commercial department should cover its own costs, i.e. the financial consequences of not having it is greater than the cost of having it…read more.